Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Guess what I got?

No, it isn't a new car.....no, I didn't get pregnant over the holidays....no, I did not lose my mind an adopt another cat.

I got contacts!

I had wanted them for several years, but I never really thought I could put something in my eye. I decided that if I can give birth, I can put in a contact. So at my eye exam Monday, I discussed contacts with my doctor. He said "sure, why not give it a try?" So I did. He said that I put them in easier than anyone he had ever seen before. I came home excited about my newly found independence from glasses!

Then the headache came. It was in the back of my head, pounding. I laid down for a few minutes in a dark room. Didn't help. Took Motrin. Didn't help. Took a blood pressure pill, justifying that I had been out for a week so maybe that was it. Nope. Didn't help. I gave up. Took the contacts out.

Guess what? The headache stayed. At dinner I realized I had not had any caffeine all day, so I made some tea and drank it. Headache went away. (yay that it was gone, boo that I am dependent on caffeine)

So this morning I got up to try again. I told myself to drink something with caffeine in it, then insert the contacts. Right one in....no trouble. Left one....WHAT????? There was a chunk missing out of my left lens. Sigh.

I put the old lenses back in their case and trotted to my eye dr. (Luckily they are 2 blocks away) They gave me a new kind to try and I scampered off to pay some bills, then got home and popped in the news lenses.

Guess what? No headache so far. Easy insertion. Now my sight is a bit blurry but I was told to expect that as my eyes adjust. Say a prayer this works.....I kinda like this contact vision!


Debbie said...

You are growing up! Who knew, I can't wear contacts due to allergies and I hate being dependent on glasses, but with old age comes the loss of vision (it sucks getting old, but it is better than being 6 feet under). I am proud of you sis and hope it works so you can wear them. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Here's to a new sexy glasses-free you babe!

Heather said...

That's great about the contacts! I keep trying to talk my husband into getting them, but he's all freaked about putting something in his eye. He wants to try the Lasik surgery instead. I would be way more concerned about that, but whatever.