Thursday, January 22, 2009

My baby is home!!!!!!!!!!!!

My computer arrived home this morning, safe and sound. Since I don't particularly excell at anything electronically, I am waiting on Jamie to get home tonight to hook it up for me. (This also lets me avoid crawling and squirming under the desk to connect the cables)

The report?

A bad power supply. Now fixed. :)

Now you might be wondering about the $150 program the Geeks tried to sell us....Funny thing is, they had already installed it before we picked it up. According to my friend, it is a very good virus protection, the same one in fact that he was going to put on my computer for me for free. He also installed a better spyware program than the one I had, and a better disk defragmenting program so he cleaned up a lot of space for me and said the computer runs about 100 times faster.

I am excited to get my computer back up and running. The biggest thing is that I want to get my pictures off before anything happens again. That really scared realize how many pictures I had on the harddrive that would have been lost if my computer had indeed crashed. It was a VERy good reminder to me to GET THOSE PICS OFF NOW and store them either on an external memorty stick or disks or something!

So my question do you organize and store YOUR digital pics? Do you have a system or a schedule to remove them? How do you file them? I am trying to come up with somethign better than waiting until there are so many that I can't find what I am looking for. Do you remove them monthly? Weekly? After you print what you want? After you scrapbook them? What is YOUR system? I need some advice so I can figure out the best way to handle mine. As a scrapbooker, I take tons and tons of pictures, hoping for a couple of good ones to turn up in the mix. :)
I am getting overrun by digital files.....

Any advice?


Tim said...

Ok I don't scrapbook, but I do take a lot of pictures. I download them onto the computer hard drive. Look at each one. If it's akeeper I down load it to CD or memery stick. Stick is smaller and holds alot depending on the memory. Everything else I delete. And what are the spy programs you have now that are so good. My puter has something on it. It's still pretty fast but it has something