Friday, April 11, 2008

Being chauffered!

Well, ok, not actually in a limo or anything, but the MARTA system was pretty close! What a rockin' way to zip around! No traffic or parking concerns, and NO GETTING LOST! These pics are (top to bottom) us on the city bus, Rissa and me on the city train, and Jamie and Rissa getting into Rissa's first ever cab to ride a few blocks to the scrapbook store. (We couldn't find the bus, but found the train for getting back) Since Marissa has always wanted to ride a city bus, she was happy to be indoctrinated into all 3 forms of city transportation in one week!


Cecile said...

You know that you are "Special" when you are Chauffered around!!!
That sounds like so much fun because driving around the Atlanta area can be SO stressful:))