Friday, April 4, 2008

Busy busy busy me

OOOOOO I am excited! This Sunday night is the Passover dinner at our Church. April's parents are coming in from Flowery Branch (swear!) to do the dinner. April's dad is a Christian Jew and he travels around teaching people about Jewish traditions, customs and rituals at celebrations and how they all point to Jesus Christ as the one true Messiah. I had the honor of attending last year, and I have really looked forward to this years dinner!

The shopping is done, just still gotta find bowls for the matzo ball soup, and pick up the fruit. Decorating and cooking begin tomorrow. It is going to be so much fun!

Tonight I am hosting an elegant 3 course dinner party for April and her family. It will be very fancy. I have the table linens pressed, the china and crystal set, and the silver polished. I am serving a nice rack of lamb with rosemary and new potatoes with fresh steamed asparagus on the side. I sure hope they like it.

HA! Ok that was a late April Fool's joke....sorry, I couldn't help it. Actually they are all coming for dinner, but we are grilling hotdogs and hamburgers. I just couldn't resist the lamb thing. I almost said ham, but I figured you would catch on quicker to that.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said... TOTALLY had me fooled! I was like, 'dang check out Michelle bein' all fancy and formal' and then I read the rest of the post. Yep, you got me!! ;)

Cecile said...

Okay..You had me going!! That meal sounds sooo good BUT..I love me some grilled hotdogs and hamburgers too!!! You are a silly girl!!LOL I needed a laugh today and you provided it!!
Take care..Cecile