Friday, April 18, 2008

Ok, It is official.

I thought I became an official scrapper the day April picked sticker bits out of my hair in Church. Or the day I found a glue dot stuck on the top of my foot. Or the day I announced I was totally rearranging the rooms in the house so I could have a bigger scrap space. Or the day I drove all the way to Duluth looking for a scrap shop in Decatur!'s bad, very bad.

I have decided though that I was not an official scrapper until last night. Last night, during my deep slumber, happy that Jamie was coming home this morning and happy I had found my phone and thrilled that my retarded cat Julio was not sleeping ON MY HEAD as usual, I had a dream. A most delicious dream.

I dreamed about the new Basic Grey like, Cupcake. Now, that was truly strange because I pre-ordered most of Boxer and purchased Archaic in Atlanta for Fernbank Museum of Natural History pages, and when Manda and I went to Jax I snared some of the Sugared line (Which I did not like online but I liked select patterns in person.....the cardstock stickers were what sold me on it actually)But I have not been attracted to the Cupcake line at all. Too kiddish. Too freaky babyish. Not Basic Grey enough. But last my was beautiful. It was cute and the cupcakes were dancing. Yep. Dancing. And it was beautiful.

So am I an official scrapper? Or officially bonkers??????


Anonymous said...

I vote bonkers! ;) Glad to know I'm not the only one who dreams about scrap stuff!

Cecile said...

It's Official!!
I can't think of another thing that I would rather be bonkers about than SCRAPBOOKING!!
It is a very addictive hobby and it has me hook,line and sinker:))

Unknown said...

You've been inducted as an official scrapper for sometime now. You are now on officiatto of the obsessive scrapper.

I became one when I purchased paper that I LOOOOVED and then took it to Target to find L an outfit to match.....bahahaha!! nOW that IS just crazy!

Sweet dreams

Debbie said...

Bonkers, definitely, but I have know that for quiet awhile. But, I still love you.

Fred said...

You have entered........THE TWILIGHT ZONE..........Is okay we have space avaliable for you hear. 3 sqaures aday and a padded room. we have it all...except dancing cupcakes....

Amanda Phillips said...

My dear you are in fact a scrapper! And I choose to believe it was the onset of birthday cake dancing in your head for your birthday! Yep that's my theory!Just wait till in your dreams
the paper turns into the very sheets you are sleeping on!