Saturday, April 26, 2008

Project time

Marissa had a great project for Social Studies. She had to do a small scale model of "The Candy Bomber" from World War II. Anyone who knows much about me knows that I only passed history by cheating off of my best pal's paper. She was one of those aggravating people who could come into class and I would ask "Are you ready for the test?" and she would look at me all blinky eyed and say "Test??? What test?" Then we would take the test, she would get 100 and I would pass by the skin of my teeth. Ok, I didn't cheat on every test, just the really big ones. :) Now you all know what a wonderful example I am for my child. I am sure I won some pretty big points in your eyes for this startling revelation.

Anyway, while helping her with research, I learned that after the building of the Berlin Wall, Army peeps were airlifting in food and medical supplies to the people there. Well, this guy (who had to be a cool dude) decided that he would use his place to drop packages of candy to the children in Berlin. (I personally would have LOVED him......I like how he thinks. Food, medicine, and CANDY!!!!!!!!!!) Wonder if he could airlift me in some scrapbook supplies, seeing how I am on a personal boycott of the new scrapbook store in Savannah???'s more fun to drive to Jax!!!!!

So, since her Dad was home this week, we had his help with this. Actually, since I end up doing most of the back up work on projects for the past 6 years, I practically turned this one over in it's entirety to Daddy. :)

So, here they are, making the project. Keep in mind that NO MODEL KITS could be used. Everything had to be handmade. I think it turned out great!!!!


Amanda Phillips said...

Chelle..ya big Cheater Ma Geeter! LoL! Riss this is awesome you and your Dad did awesome Congratulations! All that candy..(makes me drooly) ewwww! Probably why i don't have a dog..between a dog,Will and me..just slimy shoes for all to be had.

Debbie said...

Tell my favorite niece that she did a wonderful job, I am very proud of her.

Love you all so much.....