Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Oh my gosh, you just won't believe what I did Monday. I had the best idea over the weekend and I called up my buddy and partner in crime Amanda and we made plans to hop on down to Jacksonville to do a little scrapbook shopping. Since our scrapbook store in Savannah closed, my dear, dear, Savannah Scrapbooking....sniff I miss you...and we have no store open here anymore.....I was in serious need of some fresh materials to play with. Especially since I have a retreat coming up for National Scrapbook Weekend. (Don't you love how I just made National Scrapbook Day into a whole weekend?????) I needed new toys!!!! SO.we made a little jaunt. Here is how our day went:
8:30am-made Marissa tuck n roll in the carpool line at school.
sped down 1-95 to the outlet mall
8:45am-squealed into parking lot of outlet mall on 2 wheels in the grannymobile, spied Amanda next to large black powerful manly truck
8:451/2am~climb into drivers seat of said manly truck....ahhhhh....feel the power baby. (Manda did not want to drive so what could I do but oblige????) hee hee
8:46am~squeal out of parking lot, southbound to Jax baby!
approx 10:00am~nearly laugh ourselves silly as Manda has to potty so bad and the next exit with decent facilities is MILES ahead. I had a thing about stopping at exits with only ONE place you know, just don't feel safe. Manda made a comment about this and I explained my reasoning. She said "Yeah, better avoid those exits. Might better take one that doesn't have one toothed derelicts hanging out". I reminded her this WAS south Georgia by the way, so we better hope for an exit with MINIMAL one tooth derelicts. She agrees, we stop. She pees. We grab drinks....GASP! No Coke Zero! I settle for a vitamin water and we scurry on.
10:45~approach 295 :)
11:15ish~arrive at MEGA SCRAPBOOK STORE...holy canoli this place is over 7,000 square feet!!!! WHEEEEEEEE!
11:16 blast through doors into scrap mega world.....find they are having a great yard sale thing like we did at Savannah Scrapbooking (I teared up a lil) and we learn that because this is the last day of the garage sale everything left is HALF PRICE!!!! Let the shopping begin....
Ok, so I had my list of things I wanted. I got the Basic Grey Archaic line for my Fernback pages, and found myself decidedly disappointed in the new Tinkering Ink Provincial fare line. Search for new girlie Moxxie, they don't have it. Don't have K and Co Wild Saffron. Don't have Passover paper, but I did grab some cool Hannukah paper for April. Also found her some adoption embellies. Grabbed Basic Grey Boxer line for Sandra, snatched up some goodies for me, including but not limited to, the Basic Grey rub on tool. I tell ya, that thing makes rub ons go on like buttah!
I wait patiently as Amanda buys out the store. I pull the truck up so we can load her purchases in. We load, and discover it is nearly 1:00 and we are hungry!
We pile into the KFC and munch down chicken and biscuits. Note: the new grilled KFC is NASTY! Now, being a self respecting big ole Southern girl, I of course ordered the extra crispy KFC but Manda got the healthy grilled version. (She woulda got some salad and steamed asparagus too if they had it. That's why she is so doggone skinny!)
1:30~leave KFC and go to Hobby Lobby, where Amanda finds wedding goodies all at half price and we are both disappointed in the clearance section. I buy 4 sheets of paper and the Faithbooking book I have wanted with the 40% off coupon and after she buys a buggy full we leave.
3:00~squeal into the parking lot of second store, called Pictures In Time in Orange Park. OOO la la! Now this is my kind of store. Very updated products, but small enough that you can find yourself. Not overwhelming like the previous store, which, did I mention, was very snooty???? Anyway, we find great deals there. Manda purchases and fills a frequent shopper card (LOL) and I find some goodies including some Disney paper I have never seen.
5:00~we head to third scrap shop, called Scrap N Stuff.. It is medium sized, lots of cool stuff, including the Wild Saffron line. I buy it. I love it. Manda shops on...
6:15~hunger sets in, and we leave. The store owner is smiling. :) She has offered to set up a class and promises a whopping discount if we bring back the scrapbook cell group to shop. LOVE THIS PLACE!
We follow store owner Pam's advice and head to the Italian place next door for eats. We get the Early Bird dinner menu. It is Florida right? LOL We happily much salad, tasty garlic puffy rolls, and I had manicotti. Manda got chicken parmesan. We split the BEST CREME BRULEE IN THE FREE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! We leave, all swole up.
7:15~head back up 95...happy, giggling and nearly giddy with all the goodness we experienced that day. It was DA BOMB DIGGITY! Gotta do it again. I love ya Manda....Tearing up here......


Debbie said...

I am tired just reading about your shopping (and eating) day. Whew...........too old for that kind of shopping. Sounds like you had a fabulous day and enjoyed your shopping. You are just go, go going aren't you? What, been home let me see 2 or 3 days and head off again! Oh, to be (almost) young again! Love you Sis!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about Scrap n Stuff...GREAT store! And SUPER nice owner. I wish I wasn't a poor college student, or I'd head on down there myself! ;) But, the budget comes first 'round here, and I'm saving up for a bike!

Amanda Phillips said...

OMG.......We had a ball..The shopping the shopping..made me delerious..I am so happy been staring at everything i bought ..over and over....its hynotizing LOL Love ya girlie thanks for the great day!

Cecile said...

WOW....Sounds like so much fun!!
I am glad y'all had a great trip:)) Cecile

Song Bird said...

What a faboulous trip. Hate I missed out on it!!! But thanks for the goodies..:-) Lovin ya!!!!