Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We are experiencing technical difficulties....

For Christmas this year my beloved Jamie bought me a new printer. We had done some research online on the new Kodak All-in-One printers and their amazing print quality with reasonably priced ink. Studies show that their 4x6 prints average 10 cents each printed right at more trips to more waiting for pictures when the mood to scrap hits....I was thrilled! Even some of my uber photo expert pals commented on the quality of the prints I was producing at home on my trusty new companion!

But alas....tragedy struck in May. I was happily churning out photos to complete some layouts that I had been working on. I had a weekend all planned to scrap and was excited about the prospect of printing and editing my photos to get started.I sat down at my computer, edited and selected photos and began printing.


The photos had stripes on them!!!

I kept fiddling and finally the photos I was printing looked like some weird negative type print of some alien people. The colors were all wrong, and the effect was rather scary!!! I called Kodak customer support and learned that the stripes are not called stripes...they are called "bands". Guess I learned something there huh?
The kind lady talked me through cleaning my printhead multiple times, and I stress MULTIPLE...printing demo sheets, calibrating my printer....all in vain. So in the next couple of days I received a brand new printhead from Kodak absolutely free along with replacement ink cartridges and a sample pack of paper. I popped in the new printhead and voila! We were back in business! Excellent photo quality again!

So I worked along....never had a minutes trouble...until today. Again I sat down to scrap, decided I wanted to work on current photos instead of the backlog of pics from years past...and guess what? BANDS!!! Followed closely by those weird negative print looking alien people in my pictures!

Sigh....Kodak has been very helpful. Another new printhead is coming my way, along with more ink and paper. But sheesh! What's a girl to do? I am getting rather annoyed with this! I wanna print my pictures!!!! I am spoiled! I don't wanna wait 2 days! WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Debbie said...

We have discussed buying this printer - kind of glad we haven't. We saw it advertised and watched a promo on it and were really excited about the prospect of purchasing this printer, but for some reason, never did..........I hope this fixes the problems for you, I know it can be frustrating when you want to do something and nothing works right.

Love ya......tell Kodak to keep the printheads coming!

Cecile said...

Good Luck with the printer issues:))