Thursday, August 28, 2008

More trouble

Ok, I have just about conquered the software/firmware issue.....and I am just about brave enough to try uploading the newest layouts I have done to the blog. However, I thought I would show you my newest issues with taking photos and uploading them.....

As if the other computer issues weren't enough, now it is a FURBAll issue! I guess that is considered "software" LOL! And although I got them all uploaded and edited, I noticed they are all crooked! Oh well, I will post layouts tomorrow.


Debbie said...

Well, you and your troubles. Glad to see you are at least able to post some pics - I have missed your blogs so much.

Love you - say a prayer about this storm, doesn't look good for Louisiana at this point.

Love you bunches!

Cecile said...

Gotta love the Furr-Babies...I know I do too:))