Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wedding bells......

Ok, as promised, here are some pictures from the big day! Stephie and Keith looked so happy. I was so glad to share this day with them! Love you guys~!!!

These first four are of the helpers getting things ready for the big event. I was cooking. :) Also, holding the camera..... :)

And here are a few shots from the sanctuary during the ceremony. I didn't have a very good place to stand to get pictures, but I think it all worked out ok.

Stephie and Keith had a part in the ceremony that I had never seen before. Instead of lighting a traditional unity candle, they made layered sand into a vase. Each member of the family had a color, and they layered them while "God Bless The Broken Road" played. The layers signify each member of the blended family and how they all combine to create a beautiful thing. I thought this was very appropriate and such a neat way to include her kids in this "unity" part of the service.

And now for the reception. We had such a good time!

Best wishes to you guys! Love ya!


Stephanie said...

Thank you SOOOOOO much! It could have never happened with your help!
Soon I will be in Tenn But i will still be a phone call away! And yall will have a Mountain Place to "get away"!
Love ya

Debbie said...

Those pictures are really good and Stephanie looks so happy. Please relay my best wishes to both of them and I hope they enjoy Tennessee as much as we enjoy visiting Tennessee!

Good work, Sis.

Cecile said...

What a sweet wedding:))