Saturday, August 2, 2008

Recent layouts

Ok, I know I have not posted very many layouts lately. This is because I have not DONE many layouts lately! LOL! Seems life is rolling so fast and I can barely keep up! Anyway, here are a few for your perusal. (Is that really a word? Perusal? As in, for you to peruse? I guess so, because spell check didn't flag it! And I like it! Perusal....nice ring....)

These first 4 layouts are from 4th of July this year. See, I am not that late in posting! Not even quite a month! :)

The next layouts are from about 6 weeks or so ago. I love love love the "Non Conformist" one. It is probably my favorite layout of recent time. You know how you will do lots of layouts that you like, but then you do one that just makes you say "OOOOO I love it!"...well that is this one for me.

The Blue Roly poly page was done after Riss painted a Roly Poly in our front yard with some blue chalk and water. I posted her on my blog about it. It made a cute layout.
This last layout is a really happy one! The picture was taken last week,and the layout was done this past Thursday night. Nice turn around time huh? I just wish they all worked out like that! I love the colors and the subjects are just beautiful! :)


Ladybug said...

My favorite is the fireworks page. Remember, I LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm diggin' the nonconformist one too, but I also LOVE the colors and yumminess of that last one. Fab!

Debbie said...

I am with you, I love the nonconformist one, that is soooooooo Marissa. The pages are wonderful and I especially like the one with my daughter at the ball game. We need more times like that.