Monday, August 25, 2008

A Trip To The Gardens....

Last Thursday, during Tropical Storm Fay, I got this hairbrained idea to drive to Metter. Seeing as Metter is inland from Savannah, I figured this was a good idea. Marissa did not want to go, so she stayed with our buddy Ginger and her son Matthew and Kathy and I headed up I-16 towards Metter. We had lunch at Crabby Joe's, then headed towards the Metter Farm Market for tomatoes and fresh peas (which was the reason for the trip in the first place)
But....we got sidetracked. Kind of typical for a flaky broad like me anyway. We headed to one of my favorite places on earth, Guido Gardens. Michael Guido is a renowned evangelist around these parts and his messages are broadcast via websites and radio around the world. I grew up hearing his "See from the Sower" inspirational messages on TV and first visited his gardens that surround his home while I was pregnant with Marissa. They do this awesome Christmas display where the entire garden is lit up with Christmas lights and it is beautiful! I love to visit the garden any time of year. It is very peaceful and serene, and words cannot describe the tranquility and peace that I feel walking through the paths of this garden. Kathy was mesmerized by the beauty as well, and this was her first but surely not her last visit to Guido Gardens.
I know my camera did not do this place justice but here are a few glimpses unto what we saw.
One of the reasons for the tranquil feelings I experience in the gardens are the many waterfalls and features placed throughout. I had never seen a waterlily this color!

The flowers were showing off their colors. This Hosta was just lovely!

I spent quite some time following this beautiful orange butterfly around, trying to get a great shot. I am pretty happy with this one!

I always have to sit for a few minutes in the quiet chapel. When Jamie and I renewed our vows, this was the place I wanted to have it done but at the time, they did not allow private events in the gardens.

The various statuary placed in the garden offers insight and reminds us of scripture passages about the Sower, and how we are all supposed to be Sowers of God's word.

Last but not least, My beautiful mother in law Kathy blended in with the flowers as just another one of God's precious creations!

If you have not ever been to Guido Gardens, I urge you to go. It is a beautiful place, no matter what time of year you visit. And if you are lucky, you just might hear the hum of a golf cart behind you and find yourself face to face with Dr Guido himself. Even at 90-plus years, he still rides through his gardens, praying with the people who come to enjoy the beauty. We saw him this time, but he only stopped for a moment, then scurried off to a meeting. Silly me, I didn't grab my camera! I have a picture of him with Marissa from our visit last spring, but I did not get one this time. :(


Debbie said...

Hey Sis, the pictures are beautiful! I love the one of the chapel wil the sun shining thru the opening above the cross. How awesome and I am glad you and Kathy enjoyed the time and flowers. As for the farmer's market, I really miss having peas and butter beans at the market here. They just don't sell them and I really miss that, even shelling them!

Cecile said...

We love to go to the Gardens every Christmas:)) It's a beautiful place and so so peaceful:))