Friday, August 15, 2008

The Kodak saga continues....

Yesterday I received the new printhead and other goodies from Kodak. I installed them, only to find that the problem was still not fixed. So, I jump on the line with Kodak support and chat with a nice young man who tells me that I need to install the firmware (what???????) from Kodak to help resolve this problem. So we do. Jamie takes control and away we go with the firmware. (tee hee...that just makes me giggle.)

And what do you know? It works! No more bands, no more grainy prints. No more off color prints, no more weird kind spooky looking ghostly images.

But guess what else? No more ability to open the "select preferences" tab in my Adobe Photoshop. I cannot change the paper size or make a custom size print. Also missing is my Kodak Easy Share software. What the heck? This firmware nonsense has hijacked my 'puter and is making me a crazy woman!!!!!! And advice?????


Cecile said...

Some good news and some bad news:((
I hope that you find your missing software!!Who the heck does firmware think they are?????

Debbie said...

Oh the joys of computers - I hope you get everything fixed. I would be lost without my Kodak Easyshare.

I miss your pictures and updates. Love you bunches and hope you get everything fixed.

Tim said...

Don't change the size of your pictures....That's $100.00 for that bit of computer infomation. I take Cash,cash and cash.......Try checking for updates at Adobe or tring to repair Adobe print shop. And also check and see if there are more than 1 version of the Filmware. Been there done that with Kodak. That Advice is $250.00 plus tax,tag licence fees,lunch money,gas,shipping and returns or money back.