Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hello happy campers....
I am actually not so happy.
My Mom in law picked up the computer yesterday for me, and the guy at the shop really ticked me off. First off, when we took it in, we had a coupon for a free disgnostic. When he looked at it, he said it booted right up and he thought the issue was a bad pwer cord. Said he had extras, he would just give us one when we came to pick it up. Cool beans. The he asked if we had virus protection, and we said yes, we have McAfee that came with Comcast. (We also had Norton at one time but hated it so we deleted it.) He said he had a better program, would run $75. We said thanks, but not right now.

Ok, so when Kathy went in to get the computer, he tells her that while it was there he decided to run a virus scan on it and he found over 100 viruses. He tired to convince her to buy a virus removal thingie for $150. She said she was just picking it up, and that she knew we didn't want the other virus protection because she had already heard us talking about it the FIRST time he tried to sell it to us.
So the guy proceeds to tell her that he removed some of the viruses, but that some would only come off with his program. (???) He went on to say that he had removed McAfee.

Wait just a minute...did I authorize him to remove anything????

So again she tells him she is just picking up....and he tells her "Well that's fine, but they will eventually be back for me to remove those other viruses."


What kind of customer service is this???? I did not ask for this. I did not authorize this. And the last time I checked, there are MANY computer repair places in town...and I am sure they are all adequately equipped to remove viruses. I do not think this guy has any special anti-virus powers.....oooo.....

Anyway, a good friend picked up my computer today and he is fixing whatever is wrong with it as a favor to me. Now that just rocks. My friends are just so good to me! ;)

In the meantime, I am still using Kathy's computer, so I cannot upload pics at this time, although even if I did I am not sure what they would be...all we have done is snuggle under blankets and watch TV lately because it has been cold enough to freeze our tail feathers!!!!


Debbie said...

Sounds like someone is giving you the run around! Glad you had someone else take a look at your computer.

I miss your pics...........

Anonymous said...

Man, I hate being at the mercy of geeks! It's as bad as going to the mechanic ya know? Argh!