Thursday, March 27, 2008

Charles Clary

Ok, I met a super cool guy while working at Savannah Scrapbooking. His name is Charles Clary, and he is a Grad student at SCAD. He came in to buy LOADS and LOADS of cardstock from the store and when he came in, we had some very enjoyable conversations. He gave me his myspace name and when I got home I immediately went in and added him as my friend. In the past few weeks he has been chosen for publication in Juztapoz Art and Culture Magazine and is preparing for SCAD's Spring Open Studio Night. I am amazed by the variety of works he has displayed on his myspace page, and I have plans to attend the Open Studio night. Hopefully I can pull Amanda with me and we will have a blast! So, first off, let me encourage you to go to Charles' page on myspace, at and look under "my pics" to see some of his work. He is a talented painter, drawer, and collage artist. I feel so honored to have met this young man! I was excited when he told me about the show and mentioned it to a couple of people, but I did not have any concrete info to pass on until today. Then this morning, I opened my Savannah Morning News and found a very nice advertisement by SCAD for the Open Studio with a large picture of one of Charles' pieces. (I personally think it lost something being printed in black and white, but that is just me).
So here are the official details:
SCAD Spring Open Studio Night
Alexander Hall, first and second floor
668 Indian Street
Saturday, April 5, 5-8pm

By the way, Indian street is between Bay Street and River Street. If you take MLK you will turn left on Indian Street.

The ad states there will be live music, refreshments and pieces by more than 65 artists on display. The event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

I certainly plan on attending this event, and I hope some of you will to. It looks like fun to me!


Amanda Johnson said...

Honey...Muffin....I would LOVE to go .....AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!

ScrappyGypsy said...

This is the guy I was telling you about!

Cecile said...

There is sooo much talent in Savannah!! Thanks to SCAD they have really done alot with own downtown!!
I hope you girlies have fun!!