Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Now yer cookin"!!!!!!

I may not be Martha Stewart but I can cook up some food! Brenda came over and dropped off a grocery store's worth of food for me to cook for her friend Carol, who's son was in a tragic accident. I am busy today, cooking spaghetti, Texas Hash, macaroni and cheese, roasted chickens, and some vegetables. It feels good to do what you can for someone when they are going through a rough time. You can't always fix stuff in people's lives, but YOU GOTTA EAT!!!!
So, Martha, I am trying. Although I am sure Ms. Stewart would have three heart attacks and a stroke because all of my food is going into tin foil pans and the tea will be in a Piggly Wiggly milk jug, but hey, it's how we do things around here! I might not be Martha, but I am pretty happy being Michelle.


Tim said...

You posted pictures of your food cooking.........OK!

Song Bird said...

Yes, but the food is oh so good. Girlfriend should open a restaurant!!!!!

Cecile said...

Oh Michelle... You should be happy being Michelle because you are a rare being:)) I mean that in a very special good way because you are giving a piece of you to people that need you !!!
Martha would be PROUD:))

Anonymous said...

Hello my bearskin you are one of the best cooks ever known to me i love your cooking. I've always thought no one could match my granny or my mother as i grew up, but hold on to your wooden spoons ladies cause my baby-bear is blowing past your kitchen to take the lead see you later Martha. You are the best love you always J-bear