Saturday, March 29, 2008


Ok, I, like many of you, am not particularly fond of tattoos. However, several of them came attached to the man I fell in love with and married, and a few more have become attached to that same man during the 11 years we have been married. Although they are not my thing, I can appreciate quality artwork and a nice tattoo when I see one. I just don't want one on my body.

I actually contemplated getting a very small angel on my hip at one point in my life. Then I became pregnant, and after thinking how distorted and stretched the angel face would have become, I decided against it. I remember the worst tattoo experience of my life...Jamie was getting the American and Confederate flags on his arm. I was watching, and the whole time red ink was running down his arm. It looked like blood. I promptly went into the parking lot and threw up. I returned to the waiting room of the tattoo parlor where I sat as far away from said work in progress as possible until all was said and done. Since then my desire to get a tattoo has been completely erased.

Now this same man that I married has started his own blog. His subject matter? You guessed it....tattoos. He started by posting 4 of his tattoos and having people pick their favorite of those 4. Then he posted 4 more, then the remaining 5. Now the semi-finalists are all in the running for your favorite of his tattoos. When you get a chance, go on over to his blog at and check out his tatts. I still say his mama must've kept the color books and crayons away from him as a child, otherwise his fascination with this would be gone by now. But it isn't. And quite frankly, I don't think it ever will be.

Also, a link to his all time favorite tattoo parlor, Low Tide Tattoo is on his page too. He got a lot of work done there while he was stationed in Guam. Check it out!


Ladybug said...

Eww Ew Ew! That is so nasty!

Debbie said...

Tattoo's - UGH I can't stand them, but that is my personal opinion. I keep thinking what will they look like when they are OLD and SAGGING! Piercings can grow up, but tattoos - yuck! Plus the pain of those needles. But, it is my brother in law and I love him and they are a part of him, but for me personally - I hate them.