Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter weekend

Happy Good Friday everyone. Today was a good day! Went to Michael's and snapped up a couple of bargains, then came home. Also searcher a couple of thrift shops trying to find my honey some pants he can destroy at work, but noone had any navy blue pants built for my tall handsome stud muffin. There is a shortage of navy blue pants in a 36x36 I tell ya!

Speaking of shortage.....did you know there was a banana shortage? Seriously. I was in Piggly Wiggly and they actually have a sign up that warns of a banana shortage due to inclement weather conditions in Coasta Rica. WHO KNEW???

Tomorrow we are going to take Baby Girl to the egg hunt at Gleason Park at 11:00, which incidentally is being proceeded by a Pet Parade at 10:30. Marissa wanted to dress Julio up in bunny ears and take him, but I reasoned with her that he has enough issues and we probably should not add cross-species dressing to his list of abnormalities. Poor guy.

I am so looking forward to Easter this year. The music is gonna be JAM UP and the men are serving us breakfast at 8:30. My parents are coming for lunch, and I am very excited about this! Hope you all have a great Easter.

A couple of more incidental things to mention, my honey also posted round two of his tattoos for people to see and vote on. Hop over to and see what you think. And if you wanna get your blood pressure up a little bit, go to my friend Stacy's blog at and read about Martha Stewart and her scrapbooking business and see what some people had the nerve to say! Some idiot actually called us scrapbookers "white trash" can you believe it???? Now granted, I like Martha, not gonna say I love her but I like her. I personally do not care for her scrapbook materials but I do like her albums. Her style is very formal, very prim and proper and that just doesn't work for me. However, her albums ROCK! When you get done with Martha and the white trash issue, scroll down a space or two and follow the links to see some of the most AMAZING scrapbook rooms EVER! I was drooling!!!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!
He is Risen!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter lover girl! ;)

Cecile said...

Happy Easter Michelle!!!
I hope that you and your family have a GREAT day!!!

Stacy said...

Happy easter!! Hope your day was a special one!!

Debbie said...

Hey Girl, sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. Ours was quiet, wish we could have all been together. That would have made it perfect.
Can't wait to see you and my little angel.
Love you bunches!

Song Bird said...

I love the picture you have posted. It is beautiful!!! I know you guys had a great Easter! Christ is risen!! Love you girl!!