Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Very Nice Person!

Ok, I always try to look for the good in people. Then, sometimes, I get surprised because I can't find any good in SOME people. But once in a while, a very nice person who I have found a LOT of good in, does something so so super nice that it just makes my whole day, or in some cases my whole week. It happened like that for me today.
My friend Cecile, who I think is a TOTALLY groovy person, has a blog that I like to frequent. You can find a link to it on my blog home page. She makes uber cool totally delicious scrapbook creations that are unlike anything I have ever seen before. Anyway, she posted a layout a few days ago that used the grooviest was all blue with red swirlies on it and I HAD to have it. I asked her where she got it, and she said at Michael's and gave me the name of the company that made it and the line it was a part of.. SO...equipped with knowledge, I trucked on in there today to buy myself some of this lovely paper. Guess what? It's not there. Nope. Nada. Gone.

Sigh. I was depressed. But, I went on to work and who should be the very first customer at Savannah Scrapbooking today but the lovely Cecile??????? I tell her of my adventures, and she says she will check at home to see if she has another piece. I was impressed.

Then, a little while later, Cecile calls me to tell me that yes, she has a piece of it, and not only is she willing to let me have it but she wants to mail it to me! Then she goes one giant leap for mankind further and offers to cut out the red swirls I like so much on her Cricut machine and mail them to me as well!!!!! I was just flabbergasted. It was just so nice!

I truly love it when someone just goes out of their way for someone else. Kind of renews my faith in human kind. It was just an awesome thing. I was truly touched by her generosity and kindness. I think I see the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.....

So trot on over and check out Cecile's blog. It's at Also follow her link to the ebay site to see the super delicious album she made!!!!

You deserve a shout out Cecile, thanks for being wonderful, fabulous, beautiful YOU!


Amanda Johnson said...

Wonderful......I am ever so grateful that these kinds of people still exist in this world....What a beautiful person.

Cecile said...

OMGoodness Michelle You have made my day:))
I have mailed your package so look for it in the mail and have fun!!
Take Care.

Beth said...

Things like that can just make your day.

You've been tagged by the way - see my blog.

Anonymous said...

Flabbergasted eh? That's a mighty big word for a weekday isn't it? ;)